Transmitter Installation


Receiver Installation


For both battery operated receiver and plug-in receiver, you just need power off the product, and press and hold the melody selection button, then plug in receiver or put back the battery into receiver battery compartment, then hold the button for 10 seconds. All pairing codes will be clear.
You can start to pairing the necessary bell push button and receiver now.

This model is including 1 bell push, 1 plug-in receiver and 1 battery operated receiver, only the plug-in doorbell has the "LED night light" function, the battery operated receiver dose NOT have "LED night light" function, it just can flash once it is activated or when you press the volume control/melody selection buttons.


Press and Hold the melody selection button on receiver, release the button until you hear "ding-ding" sound, then press the bell push once, the receiver will answer with one "ding" sound, that means the pairing is completed. Now you need to wait for the receiver play one more time of "ding-ding" that means exit the pairing mode. Now you can try to press the bell push to test if the receiver is working.

How-To Video (Not Available)

Please watch the video for installation instructions.


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