How can I change the sensor and/or time trigger delay time?

A Tips for Setup and Troubleshooting Guide is available as a PDF file here.

Can the Transmitter outside also be use as a driveway alarm?

It could be used as a driveway alarm, but the unit is not waterproof and ideally should be protected from the elements such as putting it under an awning or canopy.

Is the sensor unit weatherproof?

No, it is not weatherproof. If you plan to put it outdoors make sure there is a protective covering over it.

Will the sensor unit work if I place it indoor by the glass window alerting me if an individual is coming?

No, the sensor does not work through glass. It senses heat of the object and so it will not work through glass.

Why did the doorbell not go off when people walked through the Sensor? Or why does the doorbell randomly chime when no one is around? Or why does the doorbell ring constantly?

Be sure to place the sensor in an area where there are no random movement. There will be a greater chance of false alert triggering if the Sensor is placed outdoors due to small animals or objects blowing by.

The doorbell worked while installing, but why has it not worked since?

This may be due to frequent triggering of the Sensor that depletes battery power very quickly. Please replace batteries for optimal performance.

Why doesn't it always ring as required or doesn't chime when it's suppose to? (Motion Sensor Doorbell Model K2)

The sensor has two sensor delay modes. One is "with no delay" and the other has a 5-8 seconds delay in between motion triggers. This is to prevent constant alerting and ringing if a trigger occurs. The time delay in between triggers can be adjusted - please see included instruction guide.