THE SMART CAREGIVER CALL BUTTON SYSTEM - Comes with 1 Remote Easy-Squeeze Call Button that can be worn around the neck, 1 Remote Push Button that can be carried in pocket or used as a wireless doorbell, and 1 Plug-in Alert Receiver that will make a loud sound when either Buttons are pushed.

Product Dimensions
5.2 x 3.5 x 2.8 inches
Item Weight
6.4 ounces
Battery Type
Transmitter Button: 1 x 12V A23
SOS Button: 3 x 1.5V LR44
Wireless Range
Transmitter Button: >150M (on open area)
SOS Button: 90M (on open air)

These are the steps on how to install the battery to an SOS Panic button (necklace):

                                                                                                                   Loud: 50-80db

This receiver has 32 alert tones - Volume and music selections are easily adjusted 

with 2 buttons located on the side of plug-in receiver.

Pairing Products

1. Plug in the receiver.

2. It will make a loud ding dong.

3. Press the "select song +" and "volume" button at the same time.

4. The "volume" button should be lit up.

5. Press the middle or side button(s) on the transmitter.

6. The transmitter should blink once.

7. This indicates that the transmitter is now successfully paired.

8. If you want to add more products, just repeat steps 3-7.

9. If the receiver flashes 3 times, no more products can be added.

10. To exit out of pairing mode just press the "volume" button.

Able to pair up to 30 accessories without losing configuration upon power failure. Pairable to accessories including doorbell transmitters, remote control, motion sensor.

MUST HAVE PRACTICAL AND SIMPLE DYI ASSISTED LIVING DEVICE. Ideal for the elderly, sick, or persons with handicap or disability to quickly and effortlessly issue a caregiver alarm or medical alert to their nurse or caregiver.